History Repeated 


Celebrity and historic figure doppelgangers

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We are not alone, something beautiful lurks in the distance….. Celestial Light by Ole C. Salomonsen // set 01

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Shakespeare’s lady in waiting? no it’s another superb Sharif Hamza creation. Eloquently brought to life by Ashley Smith.

This needs to be in my wardrobe immediately!!!  Sharif Hamza for Vogue Russia. <3

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and the eye is the window to the soul. It’s not rocket science, It’s eye science… Keep ur eyes wide open. O_O-Nixolite

I had to break my tumblr silence with this.They could only belong to one person! Fabulous!!! <3

Another one of Nick Gentry’s pieces. <3

Stumbled on this gem this weekend. Nick Gentry painting on floppy disks. Good to see old technology has found new use! 

<3 Gavin Brown Collage of work from 2008 exhibition ‘Behind the Curtain’ 

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